Cable News at its Worst


When Kanye West visited Donald Trump at the White House, many said it was an embarrassment for the county.

We’ll let you decide that.

But, what we will weigh in on, is the fact that this was an embarrassment for cable news and really showed the hypocrisy that lives in their stations.

CNN and MSNBC mocked the meeting of Trump and Kayne, while Fox News praised it.

Now think for just a second if Kayne made that same White House visit to President Obama. How do you think that would have played out on cable news?

Do you think Fox would be talking about how great it is? Do you think CNN would be laughing at Kayne?

An MSNBC guest called the visit a "grand display of mass ignorance in the face of the downfall of democracy."

“Listen carefully to what he said,” Fox News entertainer Tucker Carlson said. “Sprinkled throughout his ramblings are flashes of truth, real insights into the way the world actually is rather than the way they tell us it is. Nobody else is allowed to talk this way. Go ahead and try it at work, you’ll get fired. West doesn’t care. And that makes him dangerous to a system that is based almost entirely on piety and lying. If you’re benefiting from a system like that, Kanye West must be crushed.”

There is NO way that Carlson would be saying anything close to West’s comments if they were made in front of Obama.

When Jay-Z showed up at a fundraiser with President Obama, Fox News entertainer Sean Hannity just about lost his shit.

CNN gushed over Jay-Z and Beyonce’s visit’s the the White House under Obama.

Cable news dose not report the news, they report the news the way they see it. No matter what, they make the story “fit”.

The idea that anyone watches these people for anything other than pure entertainment value is perplexing to say the least.