The Revolving Door at CBS Philly

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CBS O&O KYW in Philly has lost a number of on air people recently and all of them are women.

Let’s look at some recent departures from the station:

Nicole Brewer- Anchor left 6/8/18

Meisha Johnson- Traffic Anchor left 8/11/18

Anita Oh- Reporter left 8/28/18

Jessica Dean- MAIN Anchor left 9/26/18

Turnover like this in such a big market is certainly unusual and the fact that the those leaving are all women makes it more so.

Insiders tell FTVLive that the last 3 on air hires have all been Freelance and some say that CBS continues to cut costs whenever it can.

“At CBS O&O’s, flat is the new raise,” said one insider about the lack of salary increases when contracts come up.