Megyn Kelly Backtracks from Body Shaming Statement

Megyn Kelly tried once again (this is getting old) to put herself into the story. 

Kelly was doing a story about people losing weight and body shamming. Kelly said that some women want to be body shamed. 

She said that when she was in law school (in case you didn't know Megyn Kelly reminds us every day that she went to law school) says that she was gaining weight. She told her stepfather that when he saw her going to the kitchen, you should ask her, "where are you going fat ass?"

Kelly claimed that this type of body shamming worked and that some women want to be shamed.

Well, this morning after being called out over and over again, Kelly backtracked from her statements about body shaming.  

Kelly does not relate to women and women do not relate to her. 

Once again, while backtracking, Megyn Kelly made it all about her.