Who Knew that even Shit Has a Political Bias?


Thanks to President Trump, news organizations had to decide whether or not to use the word "shithole" on the air or in print?

As a surprise to no one, using the word shit depended on where you stood on the political spectrum. 

On the left, CNN and MSNBC used the word "Shithole" on air. On the right, Fox News spelled the word with asterisks. 

Anderson Cooper condemned Trump for saying it, while Tucker Carlson praised him for spewing "shithole."

You have to wonder if it was President Obama that said the word "Shithole" if that above scenario would not have been completely reversed?

As for local TV news, we don't know of a single station that used the word in its entirety, even in the late newscast.  

“It would be futile to mask the word when the language itself, in reference to Haiti and African countries, was so extraordinary,” said The A.P.’s vice president for standards, John Daniszewski.

I can't wait for the next RTDNA pannel, "To Shit or not, that is the question".

Welcome to 2018 gang.