And the hits just keep on coming at Fox News. 

NPR writes that Fox News D.C. Reporter James Rosen who abruptly left the network at the end of the year did so under a cloud of harassment claims. 

NPR writes that FNC cited no reason for Rosen's exit and did not announce it on the air. According to Rosen's former colleagues, however, he had an established pattern of flirting aggressively with many peers and had made sexual advances toward three female Fox News journalists, including two reporters and a producer. And his departure followed increased scrutiny of his behavior at the network, according to colleagues.

Rosen's behavior was drawing attention from Fox News at a time when its controlling owner, Rupert Murdoch, declared there had been no allegations of sexual misconduct at the network since the ouster of the late Fox News chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes, in July 2016.

NPR says that Rosen had three instances where he made overt physical and sexual overtures, according to the accounts of numerous former Fox News colleagues who heard about the incidents contemporaneously.

The piece also claims that the former Fox News correspondent Rudi Bakhtiar alleged that she was dismissed in 2007 after she made complaints that the new Washington bureau chief, Brian Wilson, had propositioned her. After she filed an internal complaint, Fox's Ailes informed her she was being let go because of her performance. She was paid an undisclosed sum in a private settlement.