A Helping Hand

There are too many stories of big ego, selfie driven TV news people posted all over FTVLive. 

It feels good to show a story of someone that is truly making a difference. 

Former WRAL (Raleigh) reporter Leyla Santiago, a Puerto Rico native, started a fundraiser for her beloved hometown in PR that was devastated after the hurricane.  

Months later, only 305 of the people in her hometown of Corozal have power.

Santiago was determined to do something about that. She started a GoFundMe page and kept telling the story of her hometown. Her goal was to raise $50,000 and she reached it and has now made her first deliveries to residents.

She told the story to her old station and if you watch it, maybe you will think less about your next selfie and more about making a difference in this world. 

Here's the station's report.