Scud Stud Wannabe?

There's one thing you can say for certain about CNN's Chris Cuomo:  He has a very healthy EGO; just ask him.


During the Persian Gulf War (Millennials, you'll need to Google it), NBC correspondent Arthur Kent became known as, 'the Scud Stud'. Not since, has there been another 'super star' with a similar label.

During coverage of Hurricane Irma, Cuomo caused some female hearts to go pitter patter, when he was seen on-air in his New Day t-shirt. The Twitter comments took off. And so did the posting of Cuomo's various social media photos.

But while many of the women were swooning, one Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy (shocking) quite well. What if someone commented on a female talent's boobs?


Regardless, Cuomo also told everyone that if you DM him your size, CNN will send you a t-shirt. I wonder just how much Jeff Zucker allotted for merch in the budget, this year?


BTW, Chris, we'll take 2 shirts in size XL. We've really been working out, this year.