Skippy Has Gone Missing

Ft. Myers sources tell FTVLive that Lucas "Skippy" Seiler has gone missing from the station's hurricane coverage. 

Seiler is known to FTVLive readers for posting have naked pictures of himself and for being

WBBH insiders say that his coworkers have not been given an explanation as to why he never appeared for his work shift Fridaymorning and has been missing from the station since. 

He has not posted to social media since September 6th and no one we talked to knows where he is?

One insider said tells FTVLive, "Word is he was terrified of having to report in hurricane conditions. Other rumors say he was bitter about weekday anchors being pulled in to head the ship during the emergency which would have pushed him out of his typical Mundane position of leading the weekend shows."

As to which one it is, or something different, no one is saying.

In one message to FTVLive, Skippy said he was reporting the stories that were impactful to people in Southwest Florida. But then when one of the biggest stories hits, Skippy is M-I-A. 


Maybe he was getting another tattoo....