This is So Dumb


If you watched CNN's Ed Lavandera reporting from Naples yesterday, you saw him standing out in the wind and the rain, shouting into a microphone that was 2 inches from his mouth. 

What you didn't see is when Lavandera wasn't on air, he walked just a couple of steps forward and was out of the wind and rain.

See, the live hits were nothing more than a stage show. He could have reported the same news by staying dry and out of the wind, with the elements behind him. But, this is CNN, where the Correspondents want to out do each other by standing in the conditions. It's Hurricane porn at its worst. It's mocked on social media and it really does nothing to add to the story, other than the "look at me factor." 

TV news is no longer about news, it's a show and that my friends is why people are losing respect for the media.