Cheating the Viewers in Springfield


FTVLIve was the FIRST to tell you that Gray Television was going to swing the budget ax at their Springfield, MO stations. 

We then told you that longtime Anchor Jerry Jacob was one of those that got sacked. 

Gray has decided to merge the operations of KYTY and KSPR and in doing so, they fired a bunch of staffers. 

The viewers also come out as the big losers. No longer will they have as many news choices. All but two newscasts are being simulcast now, generally from the KYTV side, though it is probably going to get pretty generic shortly.

There were expected cuts in the production and MC areas with an automation system being implemented, even done a day early...because the production staff cuts were done on Friday.  At least ten lost there I believe.


KSPR lost Jacob as we said. Also canned,  a MMJ, a Photographer, and possibly a Producer.

KY3 lost the longtime News Director, 2 web editors, and three Photogs.

There was also a person in programming, a salesperson, and an engineer.

A number of staffers have been demoted to MMJ's. 

"Gray basically gutted the news operation," one staffer told FTVLive. 

While many people have lost their jobs, the viewers has also lost another choice for news, all thanks to consolidation.