Out of TV and into Real Estate

Like after news, house selling edition. 

Back in 2004, Matt Morano was doing the weather for Sinclair's WPGH in Pittsburgh. In a cost cutting move, Sinclair kicked Morano to the curb and started doing centralized weather at the station. 

Morano moved onto Time Warner cable and worked as the morning meteorologist for the cable news station. Time Warner was sold and became Spectrum News and now after a dozen years, Morano is moving on once again.

But, this time he's getting out of the business. 

He's going to start selling houses. 

He posted this to his social media:

Hi All:

You may have noticed I’m no longer doing the weather on Charter/Spectrum News.  After 12 years there my last day was June 23rd.   It was a good run.  I’ve never stayed at one station more than 5 years during my 28- year span as a television meteorologist. 

I will not miss waking up at 1:30 am for work and driving 70 miles roundtrip to the office.  I will not miss being tired all the time.  However, I will miss the challenge and creativity of putting together a forecast, building the graphics that tell the story, and delivering them to you.

But new doors have and will open outside of television.  I’ve gone back to my roots as a part-time private consulting meteorologist, a role I started in 1984 after college.  This time I can do it from home and not drive to an office. 

I’ve enrolled in a real estate licensing course.  My goal is to work as a team with my wife, Eloise, who is a successful Realtor with Lake Realty in Cornelius.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping people.  And I know a lot about home construction and repair.  This is a job I can do into retirement.    

I may get back into broadcasting, part-time, too.  Keep an eye out for me down the road.  And an ear out, too, as I enjoy radio.  I may bump into you in the grocery store.  I’m staying put.

You can still find me on Twitter @moranoweather and on Facebook under Meteorologist Matt Morano.

Thanks for being part of my life.