Sinclair Wants KOMO Staffers to Shut Up

Sinclair is not happy that some of the staff at KOMO (Seattle) is speaking out against their owner.

Some KOMO staffers complained to both The New York Times and The Washington Post about undue editorial influence from their corporate bosses.

After the employees spoke out, Sinclair sent staffers at KOMO a letter with a reminder that, if contacted by outside media, employees should forward those requests through the proper channels.

In other words, shut up and let the bosses spin the story. 

Some KOMO employees are saying that they are feeling vulnerable about job security. Some — but not all — are feeling pressured to take a contract that is less than perfect to ensure it’s in place if the FCC approves the merger.

Insiders say that it’s been three years since Sinclair bought KOMO from its previous owners, Fisher, and the station’s photographer’s union has yet to sign a contract.

Sinclair is reportedly offering KOMO photographers a take-it-or-leave-it 1.5 percent pay bump, which one employee scoffed at. “Both KIRO and KING just signed for two percent,” the employee said.

In addition, Sinclair wants to change KOMO’s policies on vacation time and premium and overtime pay. “Sinclair just wants to erase everything that our union has fought for,” said one employee.

H/T Crosscut