Sleeping with the Enemy?

We all know TV news is an incestuous business. It’s also a business of some of the worst kept secrets.

Several sources are telling FTVLive that FOX Philly AM Anchor Mike Jerrick and CBS Philly AM Anchor Rahel Solomon, are an ‘item’.

Jerrick just turned 67 and based on her LinkedIn profile, we figure Solomon to be right around 30. What’s a 40-year difference in true love, right?

Interestingly is the ‘couple’ supposedly is trying to keep the relationship hush hush, which is understandable given they work at competing stations.

But the two were recently both on vacation and both end up in St. Martaan. What are the odds that two Philly morning Anchors would end up on the same island at the same time, while on vacation. 

Although they did not post pictures of each other together on social media, each did post this picture. 

Coincidence? I think not.

Also, Jerrik is a big fan of all things Seinfeld; and Solomon said just receiving a ‘Seinfeld’ book from a friend while on vacation. 

They say love is blind, but we’re still wrapping our heads around the fact that Jerrick can remember editing film and Solomon probably barely remembers VHS.