Ohio Weatherman Continues Cancer Fight

WBNS (Columbus) Chief Meteorologist Chris Bradley was diagnosed with leukemia back in March and by April, doctors thought they had gotten the cancer out of Bradley's body. 

But, in an updated posted on the station's website, Bradley says that the leukemia is hanging tough. 

Here is what he posted: 

I wanted to bring everybody up to date on what’s happening with my health.

I got some challenging news late last week that the leukemia is hanging pretty tough. So, doctors here at The James have readmitted me, and we are really going to fight this … with a really strong dose of chemo along with a new clinical trial drug.

The goal is to bring the cancer numbers down so I can get a transplant. I have a donor waiting and they will move me right from this to the transplant as soon as they can get those numbers down.

It’s going to be tough the next couple of weeks. They’ve already let me know that this chemo isn’t going to be a cake walk.

So, I request your prayers. My family really thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. The outpouring of support has been amazing.

I’m staying optimistic. We are going to fight this thing.

God bless you.
- Chris Bradley

Let's hope that Bradley and beat this thing once and for all.