22 Years and Counting....

This is the one anniversary, we at FTVLive do NOT look forward to. 

Twenty-two years ago, Minnesota native and Iowa news anchor Jodi Huisentruit disappeared. 

Huisentruit never showed up to work on June 27, 1995, at KIMT in Mason City. Her news director thought she might be sick, but quickly learned that police were at her apartment complex. 

Authorities found her car and some of her personal items in the complex's parking lot, indicating a struggle.

Neighbors told police they'd heard screams about the time Huisentruit left for work.  

Word quickly spread, and despite more than a thousand interviews and a thorough investigation, Huisentruit was never found. Though there were suspects, no one was ever charged.

Her news director at the time, Doug Merbach, said the solving of the Jacob Wetterling case last year provides hope. 

"So it does give you some hope that maybe there's someone out there, that maybe there's a jailhouse confession like what happened with Jacob," Merbach said. "Then, so be it. We really don't care how it happens, just that it gets solved."

When police failed to charge a suspect or find any definitive clues, Huisentruit's family hired private investigators who also fell short of solving the case. Huisentruit grew up in Long Prairie, Minnesota, and attended St. Cloud State University. She was declared legally dead in May of 2001. 

The case remains an open investigation.