Trump and His Friends

Donald Trump has all but given up talking to the media, but he will entertain some softball's lob at him from Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt.

Earhardt, who is now basically part of the Trump family is sitting down with both Donald and Melania Trump today and it will air on Trump's favorite show on Friday. 

Earhardt also spoke with Trump's daughter Ivanka and they will air on Monday (it was supposed to air this week).

Fox and Friends three host, Earhart, Steve Doocy and the guy that sits across from Steve Doocy are Trump's biggest supporters and it gives them access to the White House. 

If you're expecting any hard hitting questions....don't. Fox and Friends does not go there when talking about Trump. 

Look for Ainsley Trump's interview with the President to air on Friday. 

See what I did there?