Former Fox O&O Staffer Disputes Claim of No Sexual Harassment at O&O's

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that the Fox lawyers have all but admitted that sexual harassment took place at Fox News, but they insist it has not filtered down to the O&O's.

One person that worked at one of The Firm's O&O's says that is complete "bullshit."

The staff tells FTVLive,  they worked at a Fox O&O for more than a dozen years. The former staffer says that his station had a number of news managers fired and a main Anchor, all under the cloud of sexual harassment.

"Fox would send down the lawyers from NYC we would go into a closed door meeting in the spare studio.  Doors locked no notes or recording devices.  Then we were told what we could not say.  Every single time one of the knuckleheads did something we had a private attorney meeting with staff.  It became a regular thing," the former O&O staffer tells FTVLive. 

They then added, "One intern told me that the place reeked of  harassment.  We even stopped taking interns for a while."

He said that one Reporter even married one of the interns, the couple later divorced. 

"This went on the full time I worked at this station and,  I am sure that there were other cases that I was unaware of," the ex-staffer said.