What The Hell?

Look, I get that many of you like to suck up to the boss and look at it as job security. But when you do so in the local paper, it really looks lame. 

Rick Lipps is the GM of Sinclair owned WICS in Springfield, IL.

Lipps says.....and get this....he thinks that Sinclair's "must run" stories are “informative and good journalism.” 

"Good Journalism"? Come on Rick! 

Lipps also announced that the station has hired a new Siclair puppet....errrrrrr.... News Director. 

Mike Truett (pictured) the Assistant News Director at Sinclair run WPMI in Mobile, Alabama, will start at WICS on June 12. 

On June 13th he will officially sell his soul....something that his GM has already done. 

H/T State Journal Register