Are you F'ing Kidding Me?!

Just when you thought you have seen it all in this business, you find out you haven't.

As severe weather was making it's way through Kentucky, some viewers were wanting to know where the nasty weather was headed and if they were safe?

One viewer reached out to WKYT Weatherman Micah Harris, asking for the latest information. Harris response was unbelievable:

So, a woman is asking about Tornados and Harris tells her to watch his station, because Facebook is not his employer?


The guy could give potentially life saving information and won't do so, because he's not being paid. 

Other viewers pointed out what a jackass move this was by Harris: 

Harris should be happy that I'm not his News Director, cuz if I was, he would be making exactly $0 at the station as well. This guy should be fired. 

Mr. Harris, your job is about people's safety, you are paid to do that. Thankfully most TV Meteorologist don't think like you and are more than happy and feel obligated to give viewers all the information they need, no matter what the platform. 

Micah Harris is a disgrace to the profession. 

Just saying....