How and Why?


FTVLive FIRST told you that WBBH Anchor Lucas Seiler was arrested over the weekend for beating up his husband with a shoe. 

On Monday, he was back at work.

There was a time in this business where getting a speeding ticket could buy you some unpaid days off from the station. Now, a guy is arrested for beating his spouse and the only days off he has are because he's still locked up in jail.

He gets out and he's back to work. 

What the hell has happened to this business? 

Was WBBH really that desperate for staff that they let this guy roll into work just hours after getting out of jail. 

What happened to, "we are aware the incident and are investigating, until that time Lucas Seiler will not be on our air."

Is there no longer consequences for your actions in TV news? Last I looked, there are still good people that want to work in this business that have not had the cops visit their homes and arrest them. 

Yet, somehow this guy continues his job like nothing ever happened. 

Yesterday, I spoke with almost a dozen News Directors about different matters. Before hanging up, I asked each one that if their Anchor/Reporter was arrested over the weekend for assaulting their spouse, would they be on the air on Monday? 

Each News Director said "No"....which thankfully restored my faith in TV news just a bit. 

Lucas Seiler does not deserve to be in this business. The idea that his boss, Darrel Adams let him back on the air so quickly shows that he doesn't either. 

This industry is under attack for being fake and not credible. This is the time when stations should be on guard and doing it better and more cautious then ever before. 

Unfortunately, Seiler  and Adams give the entire industry a black-eye and they didn't even use a shoe to do it.