Just Stop It.....

Yesterday, NBC tweeted out this "exclusive" interview that will air on NBC's Today Show on Tuesday. 

Bob Harper? I admit, I had to go to Google for that. I had no clue who that was?

OK....now as someone that cut the cord 3+ years ago, I thought maybe I was out of touch. NBC was promoting a big "exclusive" interview 3 days before it aired and it was with a guy I never heard of. 

I was at the mall when NBC sent out this tweet, so I figured I would do a little polling. I wanted to know, just how out of touch I really am?

I showed the tweet to 12 people and asked if they knew who Bob Harper was?

Of the 12, one one person knew who he was and 3 people asked, "Who's Savannah Guthrie?"

So, maybe I'm not as out of touch as I think. 

BTW- If you didn't know.....Bob Harper is the host of NBC's Biggest Loser.

Yes Savannah Guthrie has landed an EXCLUSIVE interview with a guy, whose show airs on NBC. 

Wow! ABC and CBS must be wondering how they got scooped on that one.