EXCLUSIVE: Tegna's WTSP Staying On Plan

Tegna owned WTSP has spent months gutting their staff and turning the newsroom into a news set. 

Gone are many longtime employees, replaced by much cheaper hires. 

The station launched their new look yesterday and in their words, they are "making history."

The morning show is now called "Bright Side" and the late news is called "Night Side"....wow.... this really is "history" in the making. 

Also history?

Sources tell FTVLive that longtime Anchor Reginald Roundtree is being taken off the 11PM newscast and replaced. He will still be on the early evening shows. 

Theses staffing changes are all going according to plan.

FTVLive obtained this WTSP manager's notes from last year, about what the station has planned for by the end of the this year.

It seems the "plan" is in full motion. 

You can see that it was planned that Morning Anchor Alison Kropff would replace Dion Lim, who's contract was not renewed. According to salary information obtained by FTVLive, Lim's replacement would be making almost $30,000 less. 

Also, it appears that they are not planning on Roundtree sticking around after 2018.

We'll continue to watch and see how the "plan" works out.