Sinclair Hires Trump Puppet

Sinclair Broadcasting continues to show, that when it comes to President Trump, they are all in. 

Sinclair has come under fire for cutting a deal with the Trump camp during the campaign, to offer up positive coverage of Trump.

Now that Trump is President, it appears that Sinclair is continues to keep their corporate lips, firmly planted on Trump's backside. 

The company announced that they have hired Trump loyalist Boris Epshteyn. Epshteyn is not only a Trump supporter, he was on the payroll as the "Special Assistant to The President and Assistant
Communications Director for Surrogate Operations for the Executive Office of President Trump."

Sinclair says that Epshteyn will be the Chief Political Analyst for the Sinclair stations. 

In other words, forget the objectivity, let's go straight to cheerleading. 

“Over a year ago, we made a commitment to provide additional political content that goes beyond the podium to provide a true point of difference with additional context,” said Scott Livingston, Vice President of News for Sinclair Television Group.

"true point of difference"?

Ummmm...... I think not.