Boston Station Tries to Distance itself from Fox News

The right leaning Fox News brand does not do so well in the left leaning Boston market and now a station is changing it's brand.

WFXT in Boston was known as "Fox 25 News"....but just in time for the May book, they are rebranding to "Boston 25 News."

The change comes amid lagging ratings and after station research dating back more than two years found that 41 percent of Boston-area news consumers believed the local Fox 25 newscast leaned conservative.

“The perception of what our TV news station does is not what we do. They perceive us to be part of the Fox News family,” Raponi said. The Fox 25 News brand, he said, “wasn’t built for this environment.”

The station is losing viewers and they think the name change might be the answer. 

The station was once owned by Fox but is now owned by Cox and they are more than willing to ditch the ties to Fox and their cable channel. 

“It’s not that it’s a bad brand; it’s just that it’s not ours,” Raponi said.

H/T Boston Globe