DC Reporter Taking Heat Over United Airlines Story

We're not sure what a DC investigative reporter was thinking when she took on this story and tweeted this photo, but she immediately found out what happens when you piss off the Twitterverse.

WJLA investigative reporter Lisa Fletcher decided to do a story on the background of Dr. David Dao, the passenger dragged off a United Airlines flight. That was her first mistake. Her second, was this tweet:

The reaction was immediate and brutal:

Not long after, Fletcher deleted the tweets and later, posted that she was receiving threats:

If Fletcher actually received threats, that's definitely not cool. From our experience in news, we have to wonder why Fletcher, who was once a correspondent for ABC News,  thought Dao's past, mattered in this story? No matter what his past, it has no bearing on how he was treated by United Airlines. Some free advice, Lisa? Don't submit this one for an Emmy.

h/t DCist