We Told You!

Speaking of Tegna's Tampa station....

Back in December, FTVLive FIRST told you that WTSP in Tampa was kicking a number of staffers to the curb. We included a list of those being laid off, or not having their contract renewed. 

On that list, we included the name of Meteorologist Kate Wentzel.

Well guess what?

Wentzel announced that she is leaving the station and is headed back to West Palm Beach. She came to the Tegna station from WPBF in Palm Beach back in 2011. 

By the way, when FTVLive FIRST reported the people that were being pushed out in Tampa, WTSP News Director Bob Clinkingbeard told a number of staffers he didn't leak that story to FTVLive.

I'm sure that made the soon to be out of work employees feel so much better.