Really CBS?

Yesterday, FTVLive told you how WMC, the Raycom station in Memphis blacked out a competitor's news car in a story. 

Of course, as a viewer you have to wonder what else the station is censoring?

The minutes you start manipulating video in your news stories, is the minute you crossed the line. 

But, local TV news isn't the only one to do this. CBS News did a story about storm damage in the Midwest.

In the story at the 1:30 mark a guy appears on camera, but the logo on his hat is blurred out. It appears that the logo was that of Fox News. 

Again, the idea that CBS News would blur that out is disturbing and not cool ethically. 

You might expect that from a local Raycom station, but not from a network news operation. 

Here's the video from CBS: