The News From Another State

Sinclair's WNWO in Toledo, Ohio has made the move to South Bend, Indiana and the newscast for Toledo viewers is no longer being broadcast from even the same state. 

In fact, the same Anchors that are presenting the Toledo newscast, also Anchor the news for WOLF-TV Scranton, PA. 

Yes, another newscast that that is not even broadcast from the same state as the viewers watching.

Sinclair is hoping that the FCC will relax ownership rules so they can buy up more stations. FTVLive FIRST reported that Sinclair is interested in the Tribune stations. 

This is a just a look at what the Tribune staffers and the viewers have to look forward to if Sinclair moves in. Newscasts done on the cheap and anchored from another state.

Oh yeah..... this is really benefitting the viewer.

Let's hope the FCC doesn't allow Sinclair to buy another station ever again. know that's not going to happen.