HLN Shakes Up Schedule and Focus....again

It appears that  Michaela Pereira’s star at CNN/HLN continues to dim.

 Pereira was plucked from a local LA newsroom and brought to New York to help launch CNN's New Day.  Pereira joined Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo in launching the new CNN morning show.

The show fizzled from the start and Bolduan was soon replaced by Alisyn Camerota and Pereira was sent back to the West coast to host a show on HLN. 

Pereira's HLN show never got any traction and quite frankly just wasn't very good. HLN cut back an hour on the show.

Now, HLN is moving Pereira from mid morning to news purgatory and start at 3PM. 

Pereira's slot will be filled by former CNNer Carol Costello (pictured) in a show titled, “Across America with Carol Costello” (bet they worked long and hard coming up with that title). 

Costello's show will air from 11AM to 1PM. 

It wasn't long ago that HLN said they were going to refocus their lineup and it would be all about a focus on social media and lighter stories.

It failed and now HLN is moving back to doing more straight news with CNN rejects. 

How long before the network blows everything up and starts over?

Give it a year.