Under Doctors Orders, Reporter Quits

Longtime New Orleans Reporter Bill Capo walked away from TV news after 36 years and he did so at the suggestion of his doctor.

In a Facebook post, the WWL Reporter wrote, following a recent health scare, doctors advised him to reduce the stress in his life. That "wake-up call" led to his decision to retire from TV news.

Capo, 63, spent much of his career reporting on people who needed help and problems that needed fixing.

“It’s been an amazing ride,” he said during his "Morning News" appearance on Friday. “It was incredibly hard work. … Not so much me — I’ve always been the middleman. I’m the guy that puts things on TV.”

And when he “put things on TV,” they got done. A giant pothole got filled. A firefighter whose own house had burned received assistance. Hundreds of such solutions were sparked by Capo’s reporting over the decades.

On Thursday’s night’s newscast, he reported on one final blighted house. It was his last story in his 36 year career.

“I always am very careful to make sure that I do things that should have been solved and for some reason have fallen through the cracks,” he said.

H/T The Advocate