Denver Station Makes Changes, Still Dead Last

Speaking of dead last, let's head out to Denver. Besides TEGNA and Sinclair, Scripps has been making changes across its station group. At KMGH, they whacked GM Brad Remington and turned over a good portion of their news talent and staff. The result? No improvement.

Monday - Friday 6 a.m.

9NEWS (KUSA) A25-54 Rating 2.39, 24.9 Share
Good Day CO (KDVR) 0.80/8.3
CBS4 News (KCNC) 0.63/6.5
Daybreak (KWGN) 0.47/4.9
7News Now (KMGH) 0.33/3.4

M - F 5 p.m.

9NEWS (KUSA) 2.08/12
CBS 4 News (KCNC) 1.04/6.0
Fox 31 News (KDVR) 0.89/5.1
7 News (KMGH) 0.43/2.4

M - F 5:30 p.m. National News

NBC Nightly News (KUSA) 2.67/13.2
CBS Evening News (KCNC) 1.21/6.0
ABC World News (KMGH) 0.49/2.4

M - F 6 p.m.

Next with Kyle Clark (KUSA) 1.98/8.9
CBS 4 News (KCNC) 0.83/3.7
7 News (KMGH) 0.71/3.2

M - F 10 p.m.

9NEWS (KUSA) 2.88/10.1
CBS 4 News (KCNC) 1.39/4.9
Fox 31 Nightside (KDVR) 1.00/3.5
7 News (KMGH) 0.90/3.2

Here's something interesting. With all of the pressure put on news people to perform well on social media, it seems 'likes' and 'follows' don't translate to ratings. In these categories, KMGH comes in second:

Facebook Fans (As of 3/2/2017)

9NEWS 779,629
KMGH 550,365
KDVR 338,548
KCNC 279,403
KWGN 24,560

Twitter Followers (As of 3/2/2017)

9NEWS 333,123
KMGH 188,363
KCNC 153,695
KDVR 114,559
KWGN 33,094

As we've been saying, no one has been able to verify that having a billion social media followers, makes a significant difference in the ratings. One has to wonder, with Remington gone from the station, how long will it be before the ND gets the blade?

*Ratings numbers via