Reporter Sick of the Dick Pictures

FTVLive has said it time and time again, female Reporters and Anchors have it SO much worse then the guys on social media. 

The women get harassed for their hair, their makeup, their shirt is too tight, their shirt is not tight enough and so much more. 

Then other times it gets down right crude.

KTVU (Oakland) Reporter Leigh Martinez had her fill as her Facebook comments and messages got more and more crude. So, she decided to hit the pause button and took a break from social media. 

She has returned, but posted this message that if it continues, she might leave for good. And really....who can blame her? 

As for the "dick pics"....sorry.....we meant to send those to someone else. 

Actually, joking aside, she's woman should be subject to this and sadly, for women on TV this happens waaaay too often. 

We don't blame you Leigh.