Megyn Kelly to Anchor NBC's Today Show Tomorrow 

Many have wondered when we would see former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly make her first appearance on NBC. 

The answer is tomorrow on Weekend Today.

Kelly has been on the sidelines since being hired by the Peacock, away from Fox News. Much speculation has been made as to where and when NBC is going to use Kelly?

"NBC figured a soft launch of Megyn is best and they want viewers to start getting used to seeing her across NBC shows," a source tells FTVLive. 

Not only will be Kelly be seen on NBC's morning show, she will turn right around and Anchor NBC's Nightly News on Saturday as well. 

Kelly will anchor the evening newscast from 30 Rock on Saturday, again giving her a bit more exposure, before NBC's roll out of Kelly and their full plans for her at the network. 

Kelly sat down with her former co-worker Sean Hannity for a taped interview which will air on both Weekend Today and a follow up on Nightly New tomorrow.

Hannity talks about being "sand bagged" by Ted Koppel and how he plans to challenge Koppel to come on his show and face off against him live.  

Also on Weekend Today with Kelly, will be former Today Show Anchor Ann Curry. Curry will discus.....ok stop......  if you are still reading this story and haven't figured out what the date is tomorrow, then you you might want to look.

Now let's do some "real" news....