LA Anchor Was in Rehab

In what was one of the worst kept secrets in LA, KCBS Anchor Paul Magers admits that he was off the air, because he was in rehab. 

Magers missed all the of the February ratings and both his agent and the station said he would be returning after the book. Magers announced that he was retiring instead. 

Many knew that Magers was in rehab and he confirmed the news in an interview with his longtime co-anchor Pat Harvey.

Magers announced he had been in treatment for alcohol addiction and was looking forward to sobriety, retirement and spending more time with family.

Magers had been with KCBS for the past 13 years and spent almost 40 years in TV news. 

“By retiring now while I’m relatively young and healthy, I look forward to doing all the things with family and friends that are hard to schedule when you have a full-time job that includes odd hours, Magers said in a statement. He added, "I want to say how thankful I am to have been blessed many times over by working for and with such incredibly talented, gracious and generous people. I am especially grateful to CBS for these past 13 years. My wife Kathy, our daughters Emily and Anna and I will continue to enjoy living in Southern California."

KCBS had to have some idea that this might be coming. Since Magers has been on leave, KCBS has quietly been reaching out looking for a possible replacement for Magers.