Jeff Zucker's Teenage Son is Helping Run CNN

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you the cover of The Hollywood Reporter which featured another story on CNN boss Jeff Zucker. 

The story talked about CNN's "War" with the Trump Administration and obviously, judging by the cover photo, it's a "war" in which females are not allowed to fight in, or be seen. 

But, if you read what was on the bottom of the cover, it's a bit head shaking:

Yes, Jeff Zucker shelled out $25 million bucks to a YouTube nerd "on the advice of his teen son."

Why couldn't Zucker just buy him a used car like other teenagers? 

I'm sure the stockholders at Time Warner are happy to learn that a teenager is making million dollar calls at CNN. 

Also, nice to see that a YouTuber is getting more money from Zucker then Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer combined. 

This is CNN....