White House Staff Ordered to Not Attend WHCD

It's kind of like when your parents sent you to bed with no supper.

The staff at the White House has been barred from attending next month's White House Correspondents Dinner. 

They were told it is to show “solidarity” with President Trump, who said he intends to skip the event.

Forced solidarity? Hmmmmm.....

The dinner has been nothing short of a farce for the past decade, when it became less about White House Correspondents and more about which news organization could bring the biggest celebrity. 

As for Trump's staff not allowed to attend? TheWhite House Correspondents' Association says it "regrets this decision very much..."

"We have worked hard to build a constructive relationship with the Trump White House and believe strongly that this goal is possible even with the natural tension between the press and administrations that is a hallmark of a healthy republic," WHCA President Jeff Mason said in a statement.

"We made clear in our meeting tonight that President Trump, Vice President Pence, and White House staff continue to be welcome to join us at this dinner."

Ummmmmm yeah..... I don't think I would plan on that.

Just saying.....