Texas Sports Anchor is Arrested

A San Antonio Sports Anchor was busted by police after he tried to run from them. 

Johnathan Solarte a sports Anchor for San Antonio's Univision affiliate charged with evading arrest after he refused to stop for a traffic violation, cops say.

Solarte was driving a SUV around 1:30 p.m. in the area of West Military Drive and Bobcat Pass when he ignored a stop sign, Hughes said.

Police says that Solarte initially stopped for police, but then hit the gas and took off.

Cops say a deputy, who was in a marked patrol vehicle with his emergency lights and siren on, followed Solarte, but he refused to stop.

Solarte eventually stopped and was handcuffed, arrested and watched his TV career take a major hit. 

Hasn't this guy seen enough high-speed chases on TV to know that the cops always catch the guy?