LA Anchor Announces Retirement

KCBS Anchor Paul Magers has been missing from the air for months. 

FTVLive was FIRST to report that Magers was missing the very important Feb book. 

Now it appears he is not coming back to KCBS. 

Word was that Magers was taking some personal time off and then would return to the station. He even signed a new contract with KCBS while he was on leave. But, now he says that after 38 years in television news, including the past 13 years as an evening news anchor with KCBS in Los Angeles.

Magers said: “By retiring now while I’m relatively young and healthy, I look forward to doing all the things with family and friends that are hard to schedule when you have a fulltime job that includes odd hours. I definitely won’t miss putting on a suit, tie and make-up, except on Halloween. And I am excited to now have the time to pursue my longtime passion, amateur puppeteering.”
“All kidding aside, I want to say how thankful I am to have been blessed many times over by working for and with such incredibly talented, gracious and generous people. I am especially grateful to CBS for these past 13 years. My wife Kathy, our daughters Emily and Anna and I will continue to enjoy living in Southern California. We look forward to staying in touch with the amazing friends we have made during our time in this very special place.”

Steve Mauldin, President & General Manager, KCBS and sister station KCAL 9, said:  “Paul Magers is a special individual, not only as a news anchor, but also as a friend and colleague to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him. He’s been a bright light in our newsroom as a rock-solid journalist and, when appropriate, someone who could deliver a well-timed joke. While we wish he were staying with us, we respect the decision he has made and look forward to giving him the warm sendoff he deserves.”