Nexstar's White Men's Club

Since Nextsar took over the Media General stations, they have been very busy firing and hiring new General Managers at a number of the stations.

Let's look at some of those hires:

Meet  Jim Dodrill the new GM of Nexstar-owned WBOY in Clarksburg-Weston, W.V.

Here's Dominic Mancuso, the new GM at Nexstar's WIVB in Buffalo: 

Here's Coby Cooper the new GM at Nexstar's Knoxville station. 

Here's newly named KMID GM Mike Lee

Here's Kyle King the new GM at KARK in Little Rock:

Robert Raff is Nexstar's newly named GM at KSNT-KTMJ in Topeka.

Let's meet Gray Soapes the new GM of Nexstar’s WCBD in Charleston, S.C.

One thing you can't say is Nexstar does not have diversity problem.

Sure..... all of these guys are....well guys and white.....but come on!  One is bald, a couple have mustaches and at least two have gray hair.

We think Dominic might as well, but Grecian Formula is a wonderful thing. 

Now Nexstar did name a female as GM at in Norfolk. Carol Ward was bumped up the food chain at WAVY and although she is still very white, she at least is a woman. 

Also, at tiny Nexstar station KLFY, Fran McRae-Posey has ben named vp and GM. She is also white.


So, if you are hoping to one day be a GM of a Nexstar station, you will have much better your odds if you're white and have a penis. 

Of course, since it is Nexstar, you don't have to have any balls. 

Just saying....