Hannity Responds to Ted Koppel

It looks like the bully did not like being called out on the playground, so now he's whining. 

You knew that once Hannity got his panties in his bunch over Ted Koppel telling him that he was bad for America, that he was going to respond to the clones that watch his Fox News show. 

Hannity says that he, "wasted his time" sitting down with Koppel for the CBS story and that the two talked for about 45 minutes. By the way, were you forced to sit down for that interview Sean? FTVLive is asked for interviews all the time and we politely decline. You could have done the same. 

He said that Koppel's story only used about 70 seconds of the entire interview in the story.

Now, I know Sean Hannity isn't a news person, but he had to know that the story would be edited....right? Did he really think that CBS Sunday Morning was going to spend almost the entire show using Hannity's interview. 

But, then Hannity showed he had little bullets in his gun. He blamed Koppel for expressing his opinion, when in reality he answered a question that Hannity himself asked him. Hannity asked Koppel, "do you think we're (I'm) bad for America?" and Koppel answered him. 

If you never asked the question Sean, Koppel wouldn't have said it. 

Hannity then when on to paint Koppel with the broad CBS News brush. He talked about Dan Rather's George Bush report over a dozen years ago, along with other very old incidents at CBS. 

He claims that Koppel had written the story before he even showed up to interview Hannity. Which we don't even come close to believing.

He then called Koppel's report "Edited Fake News" stealing a phrase from his master Donald Trump. He claimed that all the other networks do the same thing, proving that Hannity really does have no clue how TV news works. 

Here is his rant from last night.