Fiddler On The Roof

For a seasoned Reporter or Anchor that has done thousands of live shows and live shots....standing on the roof of a building is not a big deal. 

But, CNN media critic Brian Stelter did his ironically named "Reliable Sources" from the roof of CNN's LA offices.

You might have thought he was doing the first live broadcast from Mars. 

It was like every tweet mentioned that he was going live from the roof:

Dude, you were on the roof on a building, not the top of Mount Everest....calm down. I never saw Tom Brokaw or Ted Koppel get so excited to stand on a building.

It's TV news and thanks to technology, even a Reporter in Yuma can go live from just about anywhere.

The biggest difference, the Yuma Reporter isn't peeing his pants because he got to sit on a building with the Scientology sign behind him.