Calling Bullshit on Sinclair Station

Sinclair owned WJLA in DC was doing a story on a missing teenager that has not been seen since St. Patrick's day. They used a photo of the missing kid that was obviously a mugshot. Despite the fact that there were several photos of the young girl on social media. 

Here's some pics from the missing kid's Facebook page:

When the station got called out for using the mugshot of the black teenager, they responded:

But, the women that called them out noticed that when a white woman was arrested for being a pedophile, the station did not use her mugshot, which police surly had, but used a social media picture instead: 

Hmmmmm? Did the accused pedophile give the station permission to use her picture?

Why didn't WJLA use the teacher's mugshot, they did it for a kid that wasn't even arrested and just happened to be missing? 

When the woman that called this all to WJLA's attention pointed this out. Here's how the station responded to her. 

Hmmmmm? Would the station have blocked the viewer if she was white? 

Remember, Sinclair's VP of News, Scott Livingston wants viewers to alert him when there "bias" in any of his stations reports. 

Well Scott.....ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!!!!!