The Black Eye to Fox News

When Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano said that 'three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command' and got the UK's communications heads to listen in on Trump' it was a nightmare for Fox News. 

Napolitano made a claim that Fox News said could not be backed up and that British intelligence said were 'ridiculous' and 'should be ignored'.

While people like Sean Hannity and the guy that sits across from Steve Doocy loved what the judge said, the "real" news people at Fox were furious. 

Reporting fake news was a huge hit to Fox News and it was made worse when President Trump and the White House repeated the story and attributed it to Fox News. 

Napolitano was pulled from the air and hasn't been seen from since. 

Many wonder if he will be back? 

Fox News sources tell FTVLive that he will return, but the network is waiting for the, "waters to calm."

"It is likely the earliest he returns is the middle of next week," said one source. "But, don't be surprised if he's not back until the week after next," the source added. 

The other question is when Napolitano returns will he address the issue. Fox News released  a statement saying that the judge stands by his "report". So, will he come back and admit he was wrong? Will he apologize to Obama and British intelligence? Or will he just ignore the issue altogether?

There is no doubt that some inside Fox News think the network should just dump the judge and move on. 

"He hurt the network and he should be gone," one Fox News staffer told FTVLive. 

But, it looks like that is not going to happen. 

Stay tuned.....