Someone Found the Password at Sinclair Station

FTVLive told you that Sinclair owned WNWO in Toledo, which broadcasts its news from another state had gone Twitter silent. 

4 days ago, we wrote, "The last tweet went out on March 3rd and the station hasn't been heard from since on Twitter."

Despite the fact the station quit sending out tweets, their anchors were ending the newscast by asking viewers to follow them on Twitter. 

Well after almost 20 days, it seems someone at the station figured of the Twitter account's password and Sinclair station is tweeting again. 

And, while the station has finally started tweeting again, WNWO Reporter Stephanie Wade is not. 

Wade's Twitter account has gone silent for almost 10 days and she has not been on the air. 

Maybe she's driving from Toledo, Ohio to South Bend, Indiana to talk to the station's Anchors.