Disney Boss: I mean it This Time

Stop me if you heard this before...

Disney/ABC boss Bob Iger says that he will soon be stepping down. 

Yep, he said it in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Iger said that he was leaving the Mouse house for good in June of 2018. But then yesterday, he changed it again to July of 2019. 

 Iger says that he’s “serious this time around…I promise” about leaving the CEO gig in mid-2019. He added that the company decided to extend his contract by a year because “we could use more time to create a better transition” noting that “succession is a complicated thing.”

We changed President's of our country in 3 months, but Disney can't did it in 4 years?

Come on Bob, it's not that complicated.

It get the feeling that someone just doesn't want to leave.