Let's Go to The Cleavage

What do you think of the trend of female TV anchors showing cleavage?

That is the question that Dr. Eowyn asked on a website called "Fellowship of the Minds"

Eowyn wrote, Just the other day, I noticed that a 50-something anchorwoman on a local TV station who normally dresses discreetly, wore a red dress with cut-outs along the neckline which exposed her cleavage. (I blocked out her face in the picture below to preserve her anonymity.)

So I sent her this tweet:

A fan of yours; watched you for years. No one needs to see your cleavage this morning. You’re classier than that.

She tweeted back:

thank you, but have to say I maintain a professional look everyday & that’s part of a woman’s body. Not sure why it’s not ‘classy’

My response:

Breasts are parts of a woman’s body too. Does that mean you’ll expose your breasts as well?

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response.

While pondering this phenomenon, I tried to exercise empathy for this anchorwoman by imagining what she may be thinking. My guess is that exposing her cleavage is her way to be “sexy” in order to regain the attention she once attracted when she was younger.

So I sent her another tweet:

By the way, I think you are a lovely woman as you are. 🙂

Almost immediately, I got a response:

Thank you.

The site then included an online poll asking what readers thought about Anchors showing some cleavage? 

With 176 votes, almost 80% of the readers think it is inappropriate to show cleavage on the air. 

So, FTVLive is asking...what do you think?

We are adding a comment box to this post and ask that you not be rude, stay on topic or the entire try at comments goes bye-bye. 

Let's see how this works: 

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