Fox and Friends Miss The Mark

While Fox News has pulled Trump puppet Judge Andrew Napolitano from the air, they continue to let Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and the guy that sits across Steve Doocy to spout their undying support and love for President Trump. 

When FBI Director James Comey went before Congress, he told the Congressional hearing that Trump lied about being wiretapped by President Obama and that their was an investigation into seeing if the Trump camp colluded with Russia during the election.

The idea, that the FBI Director confirmed that the President lied and was being investigated for ties to an enemy power is mind-blowing news. 

This is how Fox and Friends played it:

F&F took 25 seconds out of a 5 hour hearing to make it appear that no news happened. It didn't take long for the folks on Twitter to correct Trump's BFF's:

While Fox News is sitting Napolitano for his Trump bullshit, maybe they should have the gang at Fox and Friends join him. 

Just saying....