Lucky 7 is not so Lucky for CNN

CNN President Jeff Zucker calls this the "golden age for CNN", but appears it is fools gold.

Despite of Zucker's claims, CNN is on a losing streak when it comes to the ratings. 

In fact the used to be cable news network hasfallen out of the top ten networks in primetime viewers for the week of March 6, according to Nielsen.

Fox News continues to dominate in primetime, coming in first place among all basic cable networks for the 8th consecutive week in prime time viewers and 10th consecutive week in total day viewers.

CNN ranked No. 11 in total prime time viewers, losing to No. 3 ranked MSNBC for the 7th week in a row. The top five networks in prime time were Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC, HGTV, and Discovery, respectively.

So, CNN is not only losing to Fox News and MSNBC, but they are also losing to house flippers and sharks.

But remember....this is the "golden age of CNN."

H/T Conservative Review