Dropping the F-Bomb in Philly (Updated)

The mic is always hot.

That's what you are told from day one in TV news, but it seems even the big market newsies forget that advice. 

On The Firm's WTXF Fox 29 (Philly) Friday night newscast, viewers heard Anchor Chris O'Connell drop the F-bomb. 

O'Connell was in the newsroom and was heard saying, "fucking iota about immigration".

He had just got done anchoring the 10PM newscast and still had his mic on because he does a live hit from the newsroom for the 11:00 news. 

 Video of the incident was posted by a viewer on the Fox29 Facebook page.

The Firm has made no comment on the incident. 

Update: It appears that The Firm had the video removed from Facebook. Of course the video was used under fair use guidelines and should have never been pulled. If we had the video, we can assure you it would still be up.