Is Social Media A Necessary Minefield For Talent?

Hardly a day goes by that FTVLive doesn't bring you a story of someone screwing up on social media; sometimes so badly, they lose their job. Granted, its usually because not a lot of common sense was exerted before hitting 'post' or 'tweet'.  Still, building a personal brand is almost as important as your demo reel, these days.

Talent executive Micah Johnson, the president of MediaStars, was interviewed by Twin Cities Business on the pressures talent face online. "There are so many expectations to build a brand, to perform. But there's no mentoring or guidance. And when you f-up, you're fired."

Mendes Napoli, the founder of LA-based Napoli Management Group says, "To get a job, it's the first thing they (TV execs) look at after your reel. To build an audience you must be active in social media and have a distinct presence".

Here's some direct advice from your friends at FTVLive: don't post smiling selfies at murder scenes, don't post videos lying in bed using your 900# voice, don't tweet your political preferences and never post scantily dressed photos (you can email those directly to us).

H/T Twin Cities Business